METransArt is a space for Maine-based transgender artists to showcase themselves to promote their creative work, get commissioned and compensated for their creative work, and build community with fellow transgender artists. We define "transgender" as anyone whose gender doesn’t match their sex assigned at birth. This includes nonbinary, agender, genderfluid, and gender expansive people. But we also don’t believe in applying terms to people without their consent, so long as our definition of trans fits your life experience, you are welcome to utilize this resource, regardless of how you personally name that experience.

How to Sign Up

Our API partner CreativeGround provides us with profile data for this site, and you must have a CreativeGround profile to be listed on METransArt.

If you don't have a CreativeGround profile yet, create a new account by following the instructions at and set up a public profile.

CreativeGround has some helpful guides for setting up your profile:

After you've created an account, or if you already have one, follow these steps to have your profile listed on the METransArt website:

  1. Log in to CreativeGround (
  2. From your Dashboard, go to Manage my Public Profiles
  3. Click "edit" beside the profile you want to update
  4. From the left sidebar, navigate to the "Affiliations and Accomplishments" section
  5. Under Special Designations, expand the "Maine Designated Arts Community Member" section and check the box for "METransArt"
  6. Click "Update Profile" in the bottom right corner to save.

After following these steps, your profile will be listed on the METransArt website within 24 hours.

Removing your profile from METransArt

If you want to remove your profile from METransArt for any reason, log into your CreativeGround profile and uncheck the "METransArt" box under Special Designations. This will delist your profile from the METransArt website within 24 hours. If you've unchecked the box and urgently need your profile removed, please contact art [at]

Risks & Benefits of Signing Up


  • Public information
  • Risk of shady contractors (please contact for any issues, and we will build a list. We are not lawyers, but more resources about contracts are available in our videos from Speak About It artist consultants for those who sign up for the database)
  • Increased need to review benefit restrictions before agreeing to do commissions


  • Marketing yourself
  • Getting paid for your art
  • Networking with fellow trans artsits


These great community organizations partnered to bring you this database of Maine's trans artists:

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Creative Ground

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Speak About It Logo: the words 'speak about it' and an image of a stylized mouth with teeth biting the bottom lip

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